Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Now That's Gangster!" -Fresh Young Blood

One of my not so bright co-workers (who's Black on the outside, Blond on the inside) saw this sign posted up and swore that (Blood) gang members had gotten so desperate for new recruits that they had resorted to advertising in public places to get their numbers up. I said "No silly, it's says Blood DRIVE! Due to high gas prices, drivebys have gone down, so now they're carpooling. Duh!" I explained. She paused, then asked "So why does it say Save A Life then?" Ummm...Beats me. That's a "head scratcher".


Anonymous said...

"black on the outside, blonde on the inside" hahahhaha i luv it

Nas said...

hahaaaaa too funny!!!

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