Wednesday, June 4, 2008

"O' Glory Days"-Barack The Vote

What have we learned from this folks? That it isn't audacious to have hope. I don't know about you but watching Obama, clinch the Democratic nomination felt historical! This ain't no live broadcasting of helicopters following O.J. in a slow moving Bronco, down a California highway. Nah, bro this is something I can look back on and be PROUD of. Not just as an African-American, but simply as an American...period dot. I was moved.
True story, last night feeling famished., I headed over to lil' Africa (Fulton & Bedford Ave.) to get some Halal food to appease my stomach. Walking in, I noticed 15-20 people fixated on the ceiling attached T.V. broadcasting CNN. A guy jumped up, noticed I was curious, and said in his best American accent,
"Brada, you must stay to wash dis!"
"Huh, wash dish...what dish man?" I said.
"NO! the T.V. brada (brother) Obama is but furaway (4 away) frum (from) winning...just furaway!" Damn! I was upset I didn't bring my camera man. Just to capture the excitement in their faces. And they're not even FROM here, feel me? One even started chanting "Black Power!" It was definitely tear worthy (or it just may have been the onions on his breath) but either way, I was glassy eyed. 4 more months for 4 years people, go VOTE!

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