Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Giant Decision"- Strahan Doubles Down

Have you heard in the daily papers yesterday, the story reporting about how the recent Super Bowl champion, Giants player Michael Strahan is calling it a wrap? Yeah...Well they were ALL wrong! I got an exclusive call, from the Giants head PR person on staff, informing me that they wanted the REAL story told be the most trust worthy blog out! Yep, you guessed it...the Minority Report!
Knowing that this news of him "quitting" would affect season ticket sales, they needed to "clear the air" about what their valued player REALLY meant. Read On;
"Hey, what's going on man? I really appreciate you taking the time out to help clarify things for the fans bro. Much love, on behalf of the entire team we're truly lovin' the blog, and if their anything you need let us know, in exchange for looking out for us on this! True team work, I'd high five you, but we're on the phone (nervous laugh). Anyways, what Mike was referring to when he said and I quote "It's time, I'm done." it was in reference to his dating of White women. No, seriously...just hear me out. He's stressed out, going through a disastrous divorce, and he rashly equated it to that. So he's frustrated with the whole lot of them. So please, if you can, cause I know you are a voice of reason amongst your "peeps" (I'm I saying it right?). Please let'em know, no worries, and tickets go on sale in two weeks. Ciao' baby, and thanks a heap. Go Giants!"
My answer to that was..."Say word?"

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