Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.49)

Last Sunday, I attended "church". Not the holy-pass the plate-look at my flashy suit-did you hear what sister Kathy did type of church. But it was definitely a spiritual event. Let me rewind it for you, early Sunday while attending the "Great Day In BK" photo shoot (you'll hear more later on that one) I got wind of the location and time that Myspace was hosting their secret Gnarls Barkley (Battles, & Janelle Monae!) concert in NYC at Irving plaza! "Starts at 7pm? F**k it I'll be there at 5...and it's FREE too?" Done. Havana Outpost will have to pause till another Sunday son. This is some Minority Report type dream s**t ya heard! Got there DUMB early, good thing too, the line was HELLA long (damn, now Ash got me saying that Cali s**t now). Mike (Yume) was posted up there already, plus he had his J.M. (Janelle M.) hook up. I called up a few folks on my short list like, "Come thru it's free, it's BANANAS out here!" But no one was readily available. Let me tell you my friends, it was SICK! Both the show AND the heat inside. Swore I was gonna faint on some "bitchassness" type sh*t, but held it together. That was my very first Gnarls and Monae concert, so I was trying not to spoil the memory, by waking with folks looking over me balling over w/laughter. Feel me? Anyways, after seeing her live and meeting her, I went straight home to sell EVERYTHING I own, to be her personal groupie.
Here's some pics I took before I sold my camera too (lol).

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