Thursday, June 5, 2008

"Passing The Grade" -Attendance Is Important at "the Class Reunion"

"Good morning class."
"Good morning teacher!"
This is one "Class" that you can't afford to cut. Your passing social life grade depends on your attendance.
There will be NO substitutes for this semester. As you may or may not know, TONIGHT is the big "school dance" at Frank White. Two dope new teachers will be chaperoning this evenings event, Harriet's Alter Ego (Boutiquer) and the band Sweetie (Frequer). Fingers are being crossed for a Janelle Monae cameo, courtesy of Mike from Yume.
Also upcoming singer featured in "On Another Note", Ernie Gaines will be test running some tracks by the "class" to hear feedback on his latest projects. Finally, you'll hear why I'm so hyped about his music. Plus, the Ladies of Harriet's will be introducing "The Head of The Class" Awards. We'll bestow 4 people with the ultimate class honors and rewarding them for being so dope.
Best Dressed
Class Clown
Ms. Congeniality
Class Flirt

"the Class Reunion" @ Frank White
936 Atlantic Ave. betwn Washington & St. James Pl.
Doors 8pm-12am
Music by Frei "Blackocaine of the Ahficnados"
Admission is Free

"Head of The Class" Swag Bag Sponsored by VP Records/17 North Parade, Keistar Productions & Celebritay NY

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