Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Pissed Off" -Trapped in A Closet...Full of Skeletons!

Yeah, I know I'm late on commenting on this, however there's some newly added controversy to this sorted tale. Not only was R. Kelly acquitted of all 14 counts against him (come on! really?), the state of Illinois is considering making it now legal to urinate, and have sex with under age girls, while documenting it on video! Tentatively called "Kelly's Law" for now. Law makers (that received under the table funding) are hoping to avoid future situations such as this with the R&B singer by just passing this act into law. "This trial with Mr. Kelly has cost tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars! If it's cool now, then we..the public (& fans) won't have to deal with this embarrassing Court procedures ever again. We're pissed (no pun intended) it even came THIS far!" Meanwhile, now that the smoke has cleared, R.Kelly has been made the latest spokesperson for the soft drink Mello-Yello. Ummm...I WON'T be drinking to that!
(*Damn, all those "Free R.Kelly" t-shirts are a waste now!)

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