Monday, June 30, 2008

"Dog Gone Tired of Partying"- Return of the Mack(enzie)

Wow! Talk about a blast from the past. Here's proof that even child animal actors have it hard. Spuds Mackenzie, once the daring of the marketing world when he 1st appeared in a now famously forgotten Super Bowl ad in the '80's, has finally returned from whatever hide away rehab retreat doghouse he was in. Bud light, (whom he had briefly worked for) had made a killing off of him and was killing him at the same time...with an endless supply of suds at his disposal. They say never get high on your own supply, but apparently that doesn't translate into dog to well. Both him and his owner ended up broke, homeless and in Alcoholics Anonymous. The above picture is a candid shot of ol' Spuds making ends meet, at what appeared to be a bachelorette party! When questioned about his current status here's what he had to say, "Well what can I say? I partied hard, and with the best of them, maybe TOO hard! Now I'm just taking it one paw at a time, and stripping is what's putting the doggy biscuits on the table understand? Plus, I still get to meet some fine bitches anyhow. Win win." Well I say good luck to you "Spuds Mack". I sincerely hope you never fall "off the Chuck Wagon" again buddy. Woof there it is!

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