Friday, June 13, 2008

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.51.5)

Okay,being the resourceful folks that we are, we had to think up something. And FAST! before it REALLY started to rain down on our make-shift parade. It was way to many of us all together (plus too early) just to call it quits and go home for the night. So what's the plan B?!? Party at L.A.'s crib! YESSIR! Hook up the iPod, buy some spirits and just add water...Poof! Instant house party. This ain't no Kid & Play s**t either.
Roll call; Kwesi, Misako (Rag & Bone), Tracy (we recently met at Havana Outpost) Adam "West" (Ralph Lauren), Tiffany (Butchdiva), Kia (718 Bodega) Chandon, Danny Castro (Lyricist Lounge), Autumn Marie (Diggiwax), Tamara, L.A. (of's HIS crib), Ying, Pamela (& friends), Sallomazing!, oh yeah...and me! And some others I can't remember now, due to the alcohol intake. Anyway, I can't tell you what exactly went on during the night, I'm trying to respect folks privacy as best I can (wink wink). But we'll talk off line when I see you, that all. Yeah so, as I was saying ummm, what was I sayin' anyways. Awww forget it, it'll come to me later, just go view the pics for now.

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Butch DIva said...

damn homie, thanks for the shout, but wadabout' "the crop job"? :P

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