Monday, June 30, 2008

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.60)

Last Saturday, after a long trek out to C.I. (Coney Island) to catch the Mermaid parade (for the first time), next stop on the days agenda was to go check this Dante's Fried Chicken event that was been buzzed about on the "In Crowd" circuit. Took the same F train back to Carroll St. and navigated our way to the listed address (I was mad I posted the address on the blog but, didn't care to write it down.) Once we arrived, I noticed the location not only was off the beaten path but, it also reminded of a refugee camp. You know... like the ones in those zombie movies where the remaining survivors meet up for shelter and food supplies (lol). Or those Summer camp picnic dining areas up at Bear Mountain. However it was a really really cool collection of folks gathered there, all waiting to become "chicken heads." I'm bad with names but, there was a guy drumming along to some dope sampled tracks that I was digging! If you know the brother tell'em we definitely could use him for the "Rock the BlocK" event come Aug 9th. I thought, if the chicken is half as soulful as the performing acts were, then f**k I'll be a "chicken head" too! Got my meal tix, stood in line...2 minutes past, 10 mins. past, 15 mins. past. Then finally the food comes out and at long last I get...ONE DAMN NUGGET?!? Hold up, hold up, hold up! Ummm. where's this Dante dude at man? I need to have a word with him. Let me find out, he's a comedian too? Don't get me wrong, It was the BEST tasting, ONE nugget, I ever had. However I am a starving black man, who's been in line (in the scorching Sun mind you) waiting for 15 mins! I'm guessing the performing acts were there to calm the savage beast huh? Oh well. on to the next spot (MoCada), hopefully they'll have food over there. If not, then pluck it! Here's the pics ya'll, enjoy! More flicks here too (thanks Rich)!

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