Friday, June 20, 2008

" A House (Or A Couch) Is Not A Home"- And the Winner Is...Bubbles?

Hey, did you hear on the news about the homeless guy that won one of those $400 couches the new BK Ikea was giving away opening day? Me neither, but apparently some lucky guy that had no clue that the chain was setting up shop, he unknowingly created the line frenzy, by just simply lying down where normally sleeps. "Bubbles" as he refers to himself as, had this to say to the media. "I've been sleeping out here for years, cause I love to be by the water. It's so peaceful and quite. Then this damn blue monstrosity went up right under mydamn nose! I musta slept through the whole f**kin thing! Got up one morning to wash up, next thing you know, some cheery ass lady smiling, came up to me saying, I now own a couch!" Some reporter then without missing a beat asks "So what are you going do with it now, with no home?" He snapped back,"They pay you to ask stupid questions boy? It's a pull-out couch! What the f**k ya think...Imma go take my ass back to sleep on that sonofabitch! No more questions!" Anybody got change?

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