Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.53)

"Meet me on the rooftop honey, what I got is better than money..."
-the Mary Jane Girls

I'm a be straight honest with you, I had NO idea, none, that this event was gon' be THIS nutty! I showed up no later than like say 12-ish, and it was a ramma. The crowd was amped and already in the mood to party hard. All of Brooklyn (style wise) was up top partying. Good thing it was an adjoining rooftop too, or it would've been "News at 11" out there. Print (of Good Day Good Night) took over DJ duties for the night while his bro Mike (Yume) handled crowd control on the mic. Kwesi, Kai (718Bodega), Adam "West", Dallas Penn, Deka Don, Sallomazing!, and quite a few others all showed up only to be disappointed when the fuzz came a knockin' to shut it down at 2:30! As Florida Evans would say, "DAMN, damn, damn!" Just as it was getting good, (and chicks were getting drunk)! Curses! We tried to set it off and reboot at Yume, but due to a mishap, Mike became "Martin" and kicked er'body the f**k out! Oh well, 12am we gon' do it again! And by the way, if you see me on the street while driving, slow down or pull over so accidents like the last pictures won't happen.
I can't stay "cool" if I lose you as a "fan"...get it?


Shenanigan said...

Please stop breaking my heart.

It was already bruised when I could only jam for a day and a half..

Loving the new blog

StraightOuttaNYC said...

Why the damn cops had to do us like that?!

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"