Monday, June 2, 2008

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt. 47)

Wednesday past, I got the chance to attend the Tanqueray Fashion / Style Session event at the spacious Metropolitan Pavilion venue on 18th & 6th. I had the crew (L.A., Ashley M., Ying, Paris P. & the Minority Report newest reality "supporting cast member" Adam "Adam Wellingsworth XIII") tag along with me to scope out what the joint was all about. The event started at 8pm sharp so we where there no later than 8:30pm, and the line was "HELLA long" (as Ash would say) to get in, yet it was moved really quickly. Once inside, now including stowaway "Sauce" with us, it was on! Each and EVERY line to trade in your comp drink tix, was "hella long" too! Damage! The vibe and the music was on so old cool out shit but, It was a straight stand-off. Even after the fashion show (yes, Tanqueray has a clothing line now...ummm?) and Ryan Leslie hit the stage and his band killed it, no one was moving. The highlights of the night was a Sincerely Ward sighting (grrrr), some vent / lighting fixture fell and cold cocked some chick (I see law sue), and a girl on girl then guy on guy brawl at the very end. So in a nutshell that's all you really missed basically. Oh yeah, how could I forget, Tamara Delbridge (make-up artist to the stars, and blogger Glamamara.blogspot) joined the ever-growing M Report cast members to continue our shenanigans elsewhere.

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Sallomazing! said...

how'd I miss this one?! lol

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