Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"You Crazy Mother Father"- The Origin Of Me...This Time It's Personal!

I was figuring for my 350th posting, I'd do something special and endearing, by giving you guys a glimpse of the start of it all things, that made me the Minority Reporter that I am. As you may remember Momma Minority had came into town to visit. So by some means, Poppa M (who's STILL jones'n though he don't admit it) got wind that she was over my crib, so NOW he wants to pay me a visit to see how I'm doing (yeah right). They're NOT together if you haven't figured it out by now, and NO she's not looking either (you nasty dudes). Anyway, the pictures you see below are my lovin' parents of whom I only have DNA in common with. Lol. He's a 2nd generation Panamanian immigrant. A race-horse, football & boxing aficionado. Collects pens (?), watches (!), and younger women (!!!). Also a former stand-in, in some old Bill Cosby pudding commercials. She's a 3rd generation African-American, North Carolina born and (corn) bred. Play mother to EVERY damn body she meets! Watches tennis like a religion. Has Jesus and four disciples, in her top 5 sidekick. Made a fortune, and retired early from selling wigs to every Motown girl group you can think of! So now with all that said, why when the two of them finally see one another after some umpteen years, the topic of discussion is "Me and how I ain't got no kids yet" today on the Parents Talk Show. Ummm, who gon' baby sit? Yeah, I thought so.

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