Friday, June 6, 2008

"An Older Lover"-Prince Turns Fiddy

Tomorrow June 7th, marks the fiftieth Birthday of the Minneapolis born, musical genius, we all love & idolize, Prince. For a guy that's getting on up there, he's still making noise in the industry like the younger cats. I would post his list of successful career accomplishments, but Wikipedia has beat me to the punch. So to pay my respects to one of my musical hero's, I've decided to post one of his first major breakthrough T.V. appearances (American Bandstand w/ Dick Clark). Peep the interview at the end of the performance, he's acting "a lil' suspect" but that's to be expected, from a guy that once wore ass-less pants. Lol. Dig if you will a picture...American Apparel using this clip to advertise their metallic spandex pants!

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