Monday, June 2, 2008

"Save the Date!" -White Shirt Blue Jeans RETURNS...To Brooklyn!

I don't know if you ever were around to witness and attend one of the BIGGEST theme parties ever thrown in NYC! "White Shirt Blue Jeans" as it was called always came twice a Summer and always packed the largest venues in the city, and SHUT DOWN all neighboring blocks around where it was held. Well with that being said, I'm excited to announce the highly anticipated return, Fri. June 20th, to NYC's biggest borough Brooklyn, for the 1st time ever! This time around it will be stronger than previous ones thanks to the support of Japanese sound killas Mighty Crown, coming to rinse a wicked Reggae set for all international dancehall lovers. So now just picture a huge sound clash, BK (DJ Magic & Boof, King Ramsey, Sound Proof) v.s. JP (Mighty Crown, DJ Kohey) in Reggae AND Hip-Hop! I tell you history people! History!

the Official
White Shirt Blue Jeans
Friday, June 20th
@ Djumbalah
Music by Mighty Crown, DJ Boof, SoundProof, DJ Magic, King Ramsey, DJ Hokey
Admission $20 adv tix
Sponsored by The Brooklyn Circus
Nooka Watch, New York Kings,
Rich Yung, the Minority Report, Frank 151

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