Friday, June 20, 2008

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.54)

Everyday is startin' to blend in with the another, but I DO remember this particular night. Essence threw a fashion show bash for Kanye's former flame's label Ghita. We, meaning Ashy M (the Stylistics Agency), Sallomazing! (Dope Swan), and the Minority Reporter (Peter Parker...but darker) showed up as the Sun was going down. Later joined by L.A. (Cali time 3hrs behind) we hit the networking circle full engines running. Bumped into Claire (from the Fashion Bomb) who was putting in work, but still looked in chill mode. Ran into Rasu (Coup D'etat BK), then Kwesi (Abbensett) too. Who was "buying out" an open bar (?) but keep it a secret to himself. Can you say Balllin'! No...not really. Oh yeah, Keisha Cole got on and did her thing too. Even pointed me out in the crowd. But come to find out I had food on my face, so I guess it was distracting her from singing (lol). BTW Thanks Renae, for looking out. I need those social upgrade functions in my life from time to time.

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