Thursday, June 12, 2008

"What's REALLY Hood?" -A Blunt Object(ion)

Ya know, in my narrow minded path from point
to B. I sometimes, (not often) forget my ghetto surrounds that I reside in. Not that I live in a bubble or anything, but I try not to focus on the niggative stuff. But honestly sometimes, stuff you see " 'round the way" are just harsh reminders that "Brother/ still live in the hood!"
Here's a great example of this. Just the other day, while on a late night hunt for sustenance to appease the belly. I found myself reluctantly drawn to one of the many Kennedy Fried Chicken establishments in Bed-Stuy (yeah, I know bad right?). I have NO excuses, other than the fact that I was hungry, and was being coaxed by someone whom shall remain nameless at this time. I'm VERY observant, so I couldn't help but notice the small stock of Phillies and Dutch Masters boxes, they had lined up behind the glass. Really?!? Are folks coming in like, "Ummm, yo let me get a 6pc. boneless dark meat, w/ a biscuit and a strawberry blunt to go?" I would have loved to by a "fly on the wall" at the staff meeting when "Abu" the assistant manager said, "People have been requesting blunts when they are making the order of the chicken. Perhaps, I am thinking, that we should cater to those seeking these needs no? Those are just my thoughts, thank you & come again." Smack smack! Wake up M Reporter! This IS the 'Stuy you're talking about right? Kinda makes you wish gentrification would just hurry up and come already...nah just kidding folks.

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