Thursday, March 27, 2008

"AmErykah the Beautiful"- Badu & the Roots Live at the Radio City Music Hall

Okay I see what's really going on! This is basically the
"Heart of the City"
tour Jay-Z and Mary are doing together,
but it's for the Afro-centric, conscience crowd (lol). Crazy thing is,
it falls on the exact SAME weeks as their tour too! I know that week
my pockets gon' be TIGHT. Wait a sec., my pockets are EVERY week,
so forget I even said that. Seriously though, that's a fabulous (yes I used the word) combo show right there. As i mentioned in my very first posting on music predictions, this is a GREAT year for music lovers. Oh by the way, tickets for Badu & the Roots show went on sale TODAY so hopefully you're not reading this too late.

New AmErykah Tour
Erykah Badu feat. the Roots
Radio City Music Hall
May 9th 8:00PM
tickets $50-$88.00

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