Thursday, March 27, 2008

"the CLASS REUNION" -A Return To Great Social Events In Brooklyn

Thurs. April 3rd 2008
Remember that date, cause it will be VERY important to the future of you social life.
Here's why. You ever feel like it's hard for you to catch up with old friends, school mates, ex or current roommates, ex-lovers, and former associates? Though you've made attempts, it just wouldn't happen? Well, we (my close partners and I) are working on a "cure" to help fix that very same problem we have too. Hopefully it'll solve yours. Here's the early details;
Every once a month (1st Thurs.) we'll be hosting an event designed for you to invite the folks you dearly miss in your life. Which will be a "reunion" of "class", a "Class Reunion" of sorts. Old friends vibing to old and new classics, while meeting NEW friends, creating NEW memories. Is you down?

the Minority Report x YUME BKNY x Kiser
Thurs. April 3rd 2008
Scopello (63 Layfayette St. near Fulton and BAM)
Hosted by HEAvY

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