Friday, March 28, 2008

"Ol' School, New School Need to Learn..." Pt.6

Wow! If you talk about a "from rags to riches" story, you have a great example with these two songs. Back in 1991
Crystal Waters
(sounds like an energy drink right?) had reached Billboard (#8) success with her catchy tale about a homeless woman who had an annoying habit of singing "La da de dow dow"
while she pan-handled.
Who knew that she was sitting on dance hit gold?
I guess besides Ms. Waters, T.I. knew too. Cause in '06 the brother planted the "seeds of doubt" in the mind of a pretty young Miss that he was digging, to the tune of the "homeless" hit for "Why You Wanna". Giving him #1 status on Billboard. I hope one of these guys gave back (lol). Well here's my donation to you.

(*FYI, T.I. plead guilty to all those gun charges he was accused of so you'll be seeing him in a really bright orange suit soon, in stead of the tweed one pictured here)

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clyde said...

the tweed joint is hot though!

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