Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"Lost & Found Soul" -Bilal & Jill Scott... Coming Live Near You

I have to confess, out of all the artist that I admit to being a big fan of, I have yet to see Jill Scott and the other is this man, Bilal (If you don't have the foggiest who he is then your reading the WRONG blog my friend). Well let me tell you this year I will end that on-going "crime of humanity" by attempting...No I WILL attend their upcoming concerts in NYC. I promise myself this. My pockets will be broke, but I will be "richer" because of it.
Bilal Live
Highland Ballroom
16th btwn. 9th and 1oth Ave.
Sat. March 8th 2008
Tickets are $25 in advance

Jill Scott Live

New Jersey Performing Arts Theater
Wed. / Thurs. March 5-6 2008
Tickets are $69 in advance


clyde said...

was it really 69
dollars for the tix?

Brought to you by the Letter "M" said...

Maybe more maybe less but with the sources I checked YES it was $69 bucks

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