Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"Here's Comes The Brand New Flava..."-Flava Flav Tears the Roof Off

Wow! Flava is getting more work than some actors out there right now! After 3 reality shows (Surreal Life, Strange Love, Flava of Love 1-3) some bright minds in Hollywood felt we need even MORE Flava on prime time , so to sitcom ("Under One Roof") kingdom come we go. Is this a ploy to get some TV show producer fired, like the story line from Spike's "Bamboozled"? I'm hoping it's one big April Fool's joke. It's to be broadcasted on MY9 Network TV, which is fitting, cause I'm bout to get "My 9(mm)" and shoot myself, if this lasts more than one season... or even half that. I'd tell you what the show's premise is but, I don't think you even care. And if you
do, then log off right NOW! Well who are we to judge huh? He does have kids (double plural and hoes) to feed. Right?

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