Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"Living My Life Like It's Golden"-So Live Movement

Don't you just LOVE black unity? Let alone black SISTERHOOD unity. Well this coming Thursday, It will be in full force at the eatery Solomon's Porch, in the heart of Bed-Stuy when they present
"the Golden Ladies."
Which will be a showcase of Music, Poetry, Nu-Jazz, and Live Art, all done by an extremely talented collection of women. Food is on the menu as well so fear not about missing dinner, they got it all covered. So no excuses not to join us. It's a stones throw away for me so, I guess i'll see you there.
Solomon's Porch
(307 Stuyvesant ave. near Halsey St.)
Dinner 7pm / show 8pm

Solomon's Porch presents

Feat. Honey Larochelle (R&B/Funk)
Caitlin Meissmer
(Spoken word)
Patriaia Ferrara (Nu-Jazz R&B)
Fly Lady Di (Live Art)

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