Monday, March 17, 2008

"A New Black Berry"-Halle's Newest "Labor of Love"

Now don't go posting your current Blackberry for sale on EBay, I'm just announcing that this past Sunday (16th), Halle gave birth of to the paparazzi latest target, a-yet-to-be-named baby girl, we're calling "Straw" Berry (lol) for now. Halle had announced earlier last year on Oprah, that she's made no plans to marry her baby's daddy (Canadian model Gabriel Aubry) whom she's been dating for close to two years. So don't feel ashamed about you're illegitimate child, Hollywood has got 'em too. Sad but true, early predictions; Halle's daughter in 15 or more years will use her family name to

Go into acting as well.
Pursue a modeling career like Pop.
Write a book called "The Blacker the Berry" on how it was growing up with Halle as your Mom in an bi-racial family.
D) All the above (w/ a singing contract too.)

All feedback is welcome on your pick.

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clyde said...

do they still call those kids quadroons?
the USA puzzles me, in Europe her child would be ?s asked.
A mulatto mom + a white pops = a white baby...unless of course the kid comes out looking like Wesley Snipes...but I don't see THAT happening

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