Tuesday, March 4, 2008

"Put Your Lights On!" Canada's Newest Import Colin Munroe Flashes Fans

OK! I don't know who's behind it but some one's Gnarls Barkley hatin' on me...seriously! Every posting I've done on them so far mysteriously vanishes, this time it's the video (btw, Erykah's video have been "access denied" too, but I got that back on track). What? They don't want FREE promotion from the honest bloggers? I'll swear I
won't bootleg your video(?), hand over heart. Anyway, moving on...What I've decided to do to make up for it is feature a posting
of my now recently favorite video graced by Canadian native
Colin Munroe, who's song remix has been touched by an angel
(or rather "Mr, Jesus Walks") Kanye West.
I know to some uppity music lovers this is ol' news. But did you stop to think that there ARE others that have never even heard this song? Better yet saw the video? And besides that, It's MY blog anyways, so shhh just be quite and watch, and let's educate the others.

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