Monday, March 24, 2008

"Steady Forking in Brooklyn"-Restaurant Week Comes to BK

Chicks LVE to spoon, while guys tend to be more into forking around. But now the two can co-exist starting today (March 24th) when "Dine In Brooklyn" begins and lasts until the 31st.
I took full advantage of the 3 course one price meals last year when
I got hip to the meal deal going on. So much so that the owner at
the Chinese take-out restaurant I frequent thought I had moved,
or went on vacation (lol).
I hadn't, but my mouth did travel, to Jamaican, Japanese, Thai, Italian, and Mexican eateries all over the boro that participated in the Food and Tourism promotion. Just go on-line ( to see which restaurant and what meals (dinner or lunch) are being offered at the discounted price.
(BTW* The knife in the middle is what she'll use if she catches you spooning with someone else)

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