Monday, March 17, 2008

"Common Interests"- The Rapper Goes Green

In case you stepped away from the computer for two mins. It's been annouced that not only is there a JLA (Justice League of America, for you non-comic geeks) movie been made but the artist commonly known as Common, has been cast as a leading character named John Stewart
(sorry "comies" I meant)
the Green Lantern
. Common seems to be trying to make his face just that...
common on the big screen. Appearing in last year's "Smoking Ace's", "American Gangster" and this year's "Wanted". Another film based on comic folklore alongside Ms. Pitt herself, Angelina Joile. I wonder where he finds the time to still spit lyrics. Anyways when he's old and grey I wonder will they cast a rapper that can act to play him, or an actor that raps? Puzzling.

(FYI* Common's pop played for the defunct ABA Basketball league back in the day, so maybe he should've been cast for "Semi-Pro" instead of Andre' 3000)

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clyde said...

i like common.
my ex girlfriend rented a house
from NO I.D on the South Side of Chicago back in 04-05 and him and Common used to come through all the time and kick it...the crazy thing is Common didn't even have a car! He started dating my ex's best friend and we all used to kick it at the House of Blues!! how cool is that

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