Friday, March 7, 2008

"Bad Apple Outta of the Bunch"-Technical Difficulties

I'm currently in mourning folks. My laptop just up and fainted on me.
Now ALL my hard work, exclusive event pics, beat sample collection, my FREE downloaded porn...gone! DAMN! I was bout to "Sprewell" the tech dude when he told me the devastatingly bad news. Oh what a sad day in American this is people. I was thisclose to tears man.
But just to let you know how dedicated I am to bring you the real, I have to tap in on temp computer stations 'round town to keep you up to speed. They always say "Back that thing up, like Juvenile," but did I listen? No! So who do I blame huh? Me and only me. But from the ashes like
a fiery Phoenix, I too shall rise again! Trust my word you will not hear the last of...
Sorry about that my time was up. I had to pay for new session, but you feel my pain. Right? Anyway feel free to email me small donations for the "Fix an Apple, Feed a Child Fund" so I can get back to where I rightfully belong ( the adult chat rooms, just kidding) Back to Minority reporting straight from the heart. Please be patience, I'll be as timely as I possibly can for you. And thank you for EVERYTHING.

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