Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"You Can't See What I Can See"- True Confessions of a Governor

See I told you it wouldn't take long before the media "lynch mob" in hopes to sell fresh papers, start digging threw newly appointed Governor Paterson's recyclables. But Gov. DP is beating them to the punch by hanging up his own "dirty laundry" out to dry. This time he's admitting (again mind you) to doing "ungovernly" things in his past. This time it's Coke, and while we're on the subject, let me come forth and say I too have tried Coke in the past. I've also done Pepsi, and the purple stuff too, yes Welch's grape soda. But see when I tried it, they called it the "Pepsi Challenge" and I think I passed with flying colors. Hopefully Paterson will pass his "challenge" too.

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clyde said...

men...thats the funniest ish i've read for the day

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