Thursday, March 20, 2008

"Root of All Evil"-the Roots Latest CD cover and Video

Ummm, I'm not to sure that their choice of art work comes at a good time. Especially after Obama's recent groundbreaking speech on race matters in America, as far as healing it. But hey, Nas is dropping an album titled "Nigger" so this is tame in comparison. I still stand by an artist freedom of expression and rights, even if it may offend some. Gotta break eggs to make an omelet right? Either way folks still expect quality music no matter the title OR cover.

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clyde said...

the funny thing is that every roots concert i ever attended....for every like 100 ppl 25 is black, 74 white and 1 asian/mexican/other.....i dnt even think the white kids are going to mind this artwork. cuz everytime i go out and Birthday comes on, white kids go ape shit

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