Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"Who Stole the Soul" -Gnarls Barkley Early Reveiw

One day while searching for the elusive sounds of Gnarls Barkley in cyber-space, I lucked up on a blog (Find A Soul for Sale) that had not one, but FIVE new unreleased tracks from their forth coming CD
( "Odd Couple" out April 8th). Without hesitation I clicked the download tab, only to be met with yet another dead-end But there was still some hope, because the posting instructed fans to email if they needed the links. Sounds like spy stuff right? Anyways, the person contacted me had high appraisal of the Minority Report ("I LOVE this blog"-his exact words, no lie) and sent an attachment of the ear candy I was fiendin' for. I preceded to plugged my headphones in, looked around like I had smugged a Mexican across the border, and hit play on the first track.
"A Little Better"
I think it was...pure CRACK! The kinda stuff Frank Lucas sold, not that watered down crap. Some clear liquid started leaking from a single eye of mine but I figured it was allergies. Nah bro, it was happy tears my man, and I'm not ashamed to say it. These dudes did "IT"! "It" being having pulled off a even better 2nd album that compliments the first, and vice versa. Man, was I relieved that they were not another one hit wonder (where they are now) group. Now mind you I'm still on the 1st cut by the way (lol). Gratefully the rest that I heard was beyond my expectations as well. I see Grammys in their future. I would share them with you but, yes yet again the "Gnarls Gestapo" somehow managed to delete the e-mail that contained the tracks (they can do that?). The very next day, they were mysteriously gone from my inbox...Hmmm. Well at least I have the track listing for you right.

Charity Case

Who's Gonna Save My Soul
Going On
Would Be Killer
Open Book
No Time Soon
She Knows
Blind Mary
A Little Better


clyde said...

I'll email it to you....
I will upload them as a zip folder and share the link with you.

clyde said...


thats the link....thank me later!

Brought to you by the Letter "M" said...

Sorry bud it says "file was removed blah blah blah..."

clyde said...

I'll email it to you....track by track

clyde said...


"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"