Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"Badu Unto Others As They..."-More Erykah News

Yep, as you can guess,
MORE Erykah
Well folks
if you consider yourself fans of Badu, you'll be glad to know that there'll be more than enough of her to go 'round come Summer...
Maybe even earlier than that. Not only is she planning to release an unrelated album of '70's sounding material under the title "Lowdown Loretta Brown" but part two of "New Amerykah" should be out by Fall w/ a lifestyle 'zine (Freaq) accompanying the CD and a still in the works tour (in May) of all this new material. BTW her latest CD is charted at number two on Billboard if you haven't checked. Which would make it one of the rarest times 2 African-American Women (Janet is no.#1) held the top two spots at the same time on Billboard...Wow is right! I wonder if her mag is looking for writers? Call me.

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clyde said...

they only spent 5billion
to make/market that janet album...
then erykah comes up and sells a little less and drops the better album
did i mention with practically
no budget!

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