Friday, March 7, 2008

"I Do This For My People"- M Jay(-Z) B & Swissy

Thought I'd remind y'all that tickets have NOW gone on sale for the biggest concert (Mary j. Blige & Jay-Z) of the year. I think that they needed to add one more song to there collabo hit repertoire' to perform together & this is it. You know when they hit the stage in NYC, EVERY celeb born will be vying to get on stage for free pub, and lime time & join in on the festivities!
Hopefully, God's will (& fingers crossed), I'll be in the Garden too. Straining to listen in over the screams. Well without further ado here's the deep cut.
By the way, "You're Welcome"

MARCH 27th
-Nassau Coliseum,
MARCH 28th

-Izod Center (formally the Continental Arena)
MARCH 30th

-the Wachovia
(Watch Hova lol) Center in Philly.

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clyde said...

i see ur back on a mac
welcome back
you're welcome

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"