Tuesday, March 4, 2008

"I Come In Peace" -Madea A Trekkie?

Yes you read it correctly.
ya boy Tyler Perry,
famously known
(some say infamously)
as his high-strung family patriarch alter-ego "Madea"
has currently been casted to join the
Star Trek
USS. Enterprise crew!
Wild right? Honestly speaking, the brother CAN act, outside of the over-the-top cross gender Mom he portrays on screen. So I'm not too worried about him pulling it off. Not to say I ever was worried to begin with, being that, by no means am I a Tyler Perry OR Star Trek fan
(I'm more the Star Wars type ...oops,sorry temporary geek moment) However I was cheering the fact that they were diversifying the cast with more color . "Homeboys In Space" for the '08! I know that Pharrell is pissed! Maybe he'll do the soundtrack...maybe?

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