Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"You, Me, & (Ashley) Dupre' "-Ex-Gov. Love

Please help me understand, why this is STILL front page news? I know it sell papers and all, but what more is there to cover about this subject. So what she has a Myspace page, so does my freakin' 5yr. old nephew, and so what her Booker lives in Brooklyn...And?!? Why is this info important to the general public is my question? You just can not win with the media man! If it was a girl of the "street corner" variety, they'd be wondering why a man with money took the low road, but due to the fact she's an "escort" now it's, why'd he pay so much? Is there some unheard of budget on ass? Let me know, I maybe spending too much or too little (lol). On the talk show circuit questions have been risen about her becoming famous and profiting off her new found fame... huh? You guys are MAKING her famous! Why not bank?
I clearly don't remember Divine Brown getting this much attention. I'm shocked the news didn't interview her (via satellite) about this latest scandal. Well all I have to say is, I honestly don't think chicks aspire to be in this profession (which is thee oldest one). So although it is not the way she would have liked to get hers (fame that is), we all can't have things our way. Right Spitzer?
(FYI* A reporter asked how long sex with the former Gov. usually lasted. She replied by throwning up her 2 fingers, ouch!)

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