Monday, March 24, 2008

"We Final Got A Piece of the Pie"-Domino's Does BK

Now wait, before your mouth starts to water listen up first. Have you heard about this new pizza Domino's is promoting called "the BRKLYN"?
Huh?!? I see two things wrong with that already.
First, when did we start abbreviating Brooklyn with the "R" still in it? And the worst offense of all is...Pepperonis son? How you gon' name a pizza after BK and NOT have extra beef on it? Come on son, Brooklyn is infamous for "beef"! Somebody from Park Slope or Brooklyn Heights must have been on the board, when topping suggestions came up. If I had ordered this not knowing better, I'd be HIGHLY upset kid. Fa real, fa real. Hold up...Can you sue for some s**t like this? I say if they really wanna give customers the BKLYN experience do this, when they order, have the delivery person show up in a ski mask! Or dressed like the DEA (lol). BK Stand Up...and get the door. Your pizza's here!

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