Thursday, March 13, 2008

"Another Day (26) , Another Dollar"-Making of the Brand

Boy, do I detest boy bands with a passion! Especially manufactured ones at that. What happened to the hungry brothers out there roughin' it out, grinding till they caught a break (or rather ear) from some A&R dude out to prove himself? You know, the ol' "Ramen Noodles" back story, about how they where singing on public transportation for mere coins, and the only fans were commuting pedestrians, that were their captive audiences. Man, how I miss that! There's no more Jodeci's or even Dru Hill's for that matter, please tell did someone place a Craig's listing for "Soul for $ale?" We all know how each member is just looking for just enough shine to set themselves up for that "solo deal" they hope is waiting in the wings. There's no REAL loyalty amongst the members to better the group as a whole, and not just for dolo. Anyway, I was suppose to announce the CD release of Diddy's (and MTV's) newest collabo (Day 26) but lost track. But you got the point anyways. Hmmm, Day 26? I ain't dig this group from Day One (lol). I'm pretty sure the tour with groups Danity Kane, Day 26, Cheri Dennis, Young Joc, Diddy, and opening act Black Rob is coming to a town near you soon. Get tix NOW!

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clyde said...

i have alot of their songs.
a friend of mine emailed them to me
i didn't even know that there was
a new Making The Band.
I remember O-Town
and Dylan
those 2 shows only.
Chappelle nailed it!
but i didn't know these other ppl
o well....
the music is....idk

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