Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"Cover Me, I'm Going In" -Vogue Features LeBron

In '08 it seems like Blacks are the new black (lol)!
Vogue magazine know for having only two males EVER to grace their prestigious cover, decided Lebron James would be a great selection as their third. Which would be historically for
two reasons, one is, he's the
1st athlete and
1st African-
to do it! That's like a 3 pointer at the buzzer! Funny thing about this cover is, it looks like as if it's a commentary on how most black NBA players start dating White women once the make it to the league. Wait...is it secretly a wink toward that notion? Well, I'll let you make the foul call on that one.
Anyways, hats off to "King James". You rule!
Better it be you then say...umm... Flava!

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clyde said...

everytime i see that foto Im reminded of King Kong holding on to that white woman.....is it just me?

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