Monday, March 10, 2008

"Dearly Beloved..." -A REAL Black Love Story

Let me take time out to congratulate some good friends of mine who (after 6yrs. of dating) decided to ditch the little black book and get hitched over the weekend. But why is this on the Minority Report you ask? Hold up, I'm bout to explain the why. To begin with his last/surname is Urban, so when the decision was made to wed, she made it clear to him that she was not gonna give up her last name, but was open to hyphenating hers once they did the "ring thing".
Here's the catch, her last is Black.
So yes, you figured it right by now, she'll be now know publicly as
Mrs. Urban-Black. Which will make their kids to be,
Urban-Black kids! Talk about being branded at birth man, sheesh!
Image if they were White? Lol. They'd be the 1st "Urban-Black"
White kids EVER! Hahahaha, hey I wish them the best, cause we ALL know finding love...let alone "urban-black" love is hard in itself.

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clyde said...

this made my evening
and not because it was black love
there is black love in the suburbs
u see it everytime.
its Urban-Black love that is rarity!

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