Friday, March 7, 2008

"Another Uptown Romeo"-Shakespeare Comes to Harlem

Even Shakespeare gets remixed my friend, this time the forbidden relationship of "Lil' Romeo and Jules" takes place in Harlem (Uptown) where the storyline is still relevant and relative, even when it's been restructured for "the Dip-Set generation." I'm more than certain that this tale has taken place in reality somewhere in the urban setting. Whether it's been between two rivaling gangs (i.e. West Side Story) or two cultures (Spanish and African-American) or an age difference, which makes this version of the classical play resound with today's audiance even more so then ever. What also helps for those who are short on attention in regards to live performances of Will's work, the production has been revamped ans infused with Soul, R&B, and some Rap into the score to spice things up I bit. However for you purist, thankfully, the text remains intact. Tickets are cheap, just in case you wanna impress a lady friend on how "cultured" you are, I suggest you swing by to catch a show.
William Shakespeare's
Romeo &

Sat. March 8th 3:00pm
LaGuardia Community Center
31-10 Thompson Ave. Long Island City (Queens)
Tickets are $12 general admission

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