Friday, March 21, 2008

"How Many MC's Must Get Diss" -Mariah's New CD Cover

Hey, did you happen to catch MC on SNL last Saturday? She filled in for a sick Janet as musical guest host, and was having a "wardrobe malfunction" of her own. In true Mariah form she performed in a way too short mini-skirt that made the camera man seem like a pervert, with his awkward "up-skirt" shots. "If it's a camera up in here..." Duh?! Yeah, it's one big one right in front of ya, and it's showing off your "dick cave" nation wide man! On another note, it looked to me as if her dancers didn't have time to change from rehearsal, and got the call to perform like "Get on stage right NOW!" "We're on live!" Well anyway you miss it, but here she is flashing us again for her CD cover.

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