Friday, March 7, 2008

"Tote 'N Heat" -the Original Fly Spy

Pssst...Victoria is not the only one with a secret. Long before, Agent Double S (aka Secret Squirrel) had the good sense of knowing that wearing a trench coat in his line of business would be a "dead" giveaway.
He opted for the still fashionable alternative, the Duster, sister to the trench. However, the point where "S. Squire"
became a fashion maverick was his hat selection. Besides the fact that it was Purple (not the Agency's regulation color) , the spy game had not seen the Totes hat working double duty as a mask as well. In today's times, security would be a major headache for this dude. Everything needed to fight the good fight was tucked underneath his hat, and he NEVER took it off. so air travel was problematic. Mostly known for it's rain repelling properties, his had to stop bullets my friend! This wasn't just a fashion statement, it became a"it-could-save-my-life" statement (lol). So when someone says that they "dodged or took a bullet" for fashion, keep this guy in mind.
He did it literally! BTW doesn't it look like he's whispering ...
"Shh, wait 'll you see my d..." Right?

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