Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"Minority Hears A Gnarls" -Barkley Spoiler Review

God loves me, this I know. I got the word that their highly anticipated follow-up CD "the Odd Couple" will be released not on April 8th any longer, but better than that...TODAY! Yes today, they latest audio journal of experimental sound will be available for download ONLY. Due to leaks, due to early Easter sales? Who cares? It's out, is all that matters to me. I'm still excited even though I've damn near hear ever single track. So I'll break it down for you track for track, on what you should keep an open ear for.

"Going On"
-opens with an angelic choir then jumps start into a up tempo head-nodder. Think of a happier version of the last CD's title track "St. Elsewhere." the breaks in the song are killer.

"A Little Better" -A favorite of mine, is an inspirational song about "try and try again"and looking back at past obstacles that seemed so BIG, but once you're over them, seem so small. Music has a new genre "Nu-Gospel" and this song is it's origin.

"Charity Chase" -Helping others sometimes ends up helping you. Love, time, attention, those are all thing charities are based on "Give it away now!"

"Who's Gonna Save My Soul Now?" -Depression never sounded so good! Personal reflection on going too far past the edge. It almost sounds like a suicide note sung to music. This is a question, one might ask once they feel their soul is in jeopardy. "Who but me?"

"Would Be Killer"- "Hurt people, hurt people..." One of the realest lines on the whole CD "Notes of a Confessed Murderer" should have be the real title. Sung from a (would be) killer's perspective with chilling vocals. Psychotic!

"Blind Mary"- Very Beatles-ques sounding melody. Distorted vocals, Farris wheel tunes and all. Blind Mary "sees"
more with her heart than most see with their eyes. That's the only way that their love can exist. "...She my friend she doesn't judge me. She has no idea I'm ugly"

"Whatever" - The song is "the voice of the angry teenager". It sums up all the anti-social sentiment felt from a youthful perspective, sung in a very convincing whiny voice. I see the video for this one already.

"No Time Soon", "Run", "Open Book", "She Knows", and "Neighbor" I'll let you discover those on your own. Besides I'm short on time so I can't review 'em all (sorry). Cop it and enjoy.

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clyde said...

damn this was better than a Rolling Stones preview

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"