Thursday, March 13, 2008

"Remy On the Rocks"- Remy Ma Trial Update

I was heavily debating about doing a posting on this topic but, it had me a bit curious to know, where the Hell would they find a grand jury of HER peers? I'm sure if they did, they'd be complaining about coming to court missing their hair-weave and nail appointments (lmao). Popping gum mid-sentence while she's on the stand. I overheard rumors the other day, that her only defense against the attempted murder charges she's up for is, "Only God can judge me."
If convicted Remy Ma will be Remy "Grand Ma" once she's back out, because 25 yrs is the time she'll be doing. Now who wants to wait that damn long for another album to drop huh!? Surely now I. Anyway, I had FREE REMY t-shirts for sale, but decided to scratch that idea, cause I could just see EVERY wino in town harassing folks that wore 'em (l0l)!

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clyde said...

they're gonna fry her ass!
that 'lunch box' is over with

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"