Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"Thanks Governor McLovin"- the Paterson Takeover

I know by now you've heard all the big to do about our New York Governor Eliot "McLovin'/Client #9" Spitzer
all over the nation news right? Well rest assure SOME good will come of this latest government scandal.
As the officials prepare for Spitzer permanent leave of absence, Lt. Gov, David Paterson preps himself to fill Eliot's scuffed up shoes. Which will make him the 1st ever African-American to governor over New York (by default sadly) and the 1st legally blind as well. I heard of Paterson, before the news broke but I'll give you his stats. To begin with, the brother's from Brooklyn, so he scores major points on that alone (BK where you at?). He's a Democrat (please listen to my demo), & he use to run with ya man David Dinkins ("Donuts").
He received his BA from CU (shout out to Columbia) and a law degree from Hofstra. His Pop, Basil Paterson, is the former NY Secretary of State, who was the 1st African American Deputy Mayor.
Then to top things off he ran in the '99 NYC Marathon. The cat's only set back, was that he failed to pass the bar, but dude is BLIND and RAN in a marathon...cut him some slack! On paper he appears to be a great replacement for Eliot, that's until they decide to dig up some dirt on him too (lol). Something crazy like, he's "illegally" blind...


clyde said...

i always thought he was crossed eye
now i find out the brotha's blind

Afro Sun Indian said...

He is the MAN!!!! So Live! Arts supported a domestic abuse awareness night called -- HOPE NIGHT by Maya Azucena and he spoke about his stance on the subject. Real talk. This man is the TRUTH.

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