Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"M Possible"-10.000 Strong! Thanks To You...

June was a record month for the Minority Report! Purely through word of mouth, a good buzz, and earnest hard work, I witnessed readership leap up in numbers tremend-
ously, over a fairly short amount of time (It's ONLY been six whole months ya'll). So now the goal is set even higher this month. Here's what I have up my sleeve for the future, to continue to make the Minority Report more than a blog , but an experience for your enjoyment;

"Boutiquer Frequer"
-Where boutique meets role model meets the Stylistics Agency meets you. A retail feature on the blog on shops you need to be shopping in. Part two is in the works so please be patience.

"Get Into The Party Life"
-Not only will a post a weekly summary of where I think you should be, I've also added a quick list /cheat sheet (if you will) on the right hand side, briefly listing all upcoming events needing your attendance.

"In the Making..." -I have alot of stuff "in the making" that I hoping to change your perception of social events of late. Besides bringing back class to networking events...in Brooklyn with the (every 1st Thurs.) "the Class Reunion" soirées.
Look forward to the Sat, Aug.9th event titled "Rock the BlocK BK!" -A one day Art convergence in Brooklyn on THREE blocks!
Music (both live and DJayed), fashion (a fashion show), live painting, and spoken word. A historical event involving all the artist from each field that folks are all buzzing about...right before they BLOW! Plus (get this) a B.I.G. & Jay-Z musical tribute called "B.I.G. Pimpin' " setting the after party off by DJ Scratch & DJ Spinna. Word!

"the Suite tour"
-New artist Ernie Gaines (w/help from the Stylistics Agency and the M Report) will be debuting some tremendously hot cuts off his forthcoming album, around NYC at different hotel location each week in August. First 150 folks invited to each "secret location" by text message only, the day of! Start looking for oufits now! Meanwhile peep "No", "Love her back" and "Guess who's coming over?" on his outdated (lol) myspace page Myspace.com/ErnieGaines

"ETC" -Also planned ahead, you can look forward to our attempt to return elite socialites like yourself to the much needed, high-fashion cocktail parties NYC has sadly moved away from. And some down home Southern style brunch networking parties too. Yeah!!

Now what are YOU doing with yourself? Hmmm? Thanks again for support and if you're interested in anything mentioned above, holla at the kid theMreport@gmail.com.
"Get involved or get gone!"


Anonymous said...

a leap in readership? ar eyou sure that wasn't just me checking back 25 times a day for updates?


Katrina said...

I see you making moves! Can't wait for the new content!


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