Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"All BET(s) Are Off!" -BET Awards Re-cap

I know I'm three days late on this but as thee Minority Report, I just GOTTA talk about...I just GOTTA! Feeling towards it? It was straight fiasco with no Lupe brother! Got a minute? Can we talk? What type of "Niggerati" shit was that! Trey Songz for an O'jay tribute? Sorry but dude couldn't carry their bags let alone a note! Let alone Tevin Cambell dude. Throw dude on a young Michael tribute NOT the 'Jays dog! And speaking of the Jacksons, Janet's face said enough for me man. I damn near cried (no homo) too. But Joe Jackson on the other hand...what was that about! At least ACT sad, not excited (or was that just his weird ass eyebrows?). Now is not the time to be promoting no damn label man, no one is signed to (lol). However, I was glad to see that New Edition could put down the pipe for at least a moment, and set their differences aside and perform together...well at that. Kudos. Kudos also to"Mr. Clean" Ne-Yo as well, very classy dude. Love me Beyonce' but ummm this is BET not the MET sister! Save that one for Lincoln Center or Carnagie Hall. Yawn. Then Don "Soul Train" Corny-elius took the whole show off the tracks. I keep trying to fast forward a LIVE show. Double yawn, and thrown some Z's on it! And I get it that Drake is hot like right now, at this moment in time, but performing on a bar stool is NOT the road to major stardom. Dude was sitting down on the job. He may as well had came out in character as "Jimmy" in the wheelchair right! Lame! And what was with the "tweens" groping them on stage to those lyrics? Is he "Drake Kelly" in the making? Even R. Kelly flinched like "Now, that's TOO damn young man! Where's the after party it?" Bad business homie. The highlights for me was, Eddie Levert cursing. Beyonce's legs, Jay performing w/a band, Keri Hilson's face, the "Blame It" song, and Maxwell (...somewhat, too many damn feathers for me). Plus Jamie Foxx telling Diddy "Don't make me put my foot in yo ass!" Oh yeah, I almost forgot...the credits rolling at the end. LOL!

BTW* T-Pain you and your "Big Ass Chain" time is almost up! D.O.A. hey hey hey good bye!

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