Monday, July 6, 2009

"Nothing to Lose, Everything To Gaines!" - Ya Boy Is The Truth!

Can I get a "HELL YEAH!" Almost a year after meeting this phenom, "Ryan Leslie meets Chris Brown (w/out the violence)" singer Ernie Gaines has been OFFICIALLY signed under the Truth Label/Motown
/Universal Records
label folks (hold your applause till the end)! With the help of two highly buzzed leaked singles out "Sip It!" & "So Sorry" it was just a matter of time that this HAD to happen! If not, I was ready to start my own label "Minority Music" (Wow! That has a NICE ring to it) just to get his hot new sound out. So you know us, we like to celebrate major movements around here so be sure to listen out for a date that we'll be toasting this joyous occasion. In the meantime click HERE to peep some of his music if you haven't heard about the kid yet. "D.O.A." fo' reals! Hopefully we can get 'em for Rock the Block BK this year too!

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