Thursday, July 2, 2009

"I Plead The 4th!" -We In "BK ALL DAY"...Doin it! Spread Love Is The Brooklyn Way! Sat. July 4th

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Do you trust these faces? Well this Saturday you will with your holiday 4th of July fun! Pictured here are the powers that be, who are responsible for putting together one of the most buzzed about events this year so far (besides Rock the Block BK, of course)! Seated from left to right are DJ Trauma (Alador & Smith), Frei (Ahficionados), Silky Valente (Soundproof Int.), Myself, Ngozi (Harriet's Alter Ego), and one Mr. Lyshaan Hall (the Stylistics Agency) all key "Brooklynistas" looking to change the way folks party in Brooklyn. "BK ALL DAY" baby! Here's some things we wanna make you clear on before the event jumps off, to insure you have the BEST time.

Arrive EARLY! Reason why, is one to insure your all day wristband (if you've rsvp'd) and to enjoy the food and drinks we'll be serving ($) till it's done. Also if you're bring out the lil' ones, it's best to enjoy the daylight portion with them before it gets into the later party mode.

Dress FASHIONABLE! I can't stress this more. Not only are we trying to maintain a great looking crowd, folks WILL be on hand taking tons of pictures (to add to Facebook of course) and a HD camera will be present taping a "Reality TV" segment for a show. So be at your best! Our door person has the right and will refuse entree based on your attire. A baggy "whatever that is you got on" is a definite NO! from the gate, so re-think that. Think "Hamptons in BK". Sundresses, skirt, jean cut-offs (for ladies), polo shirts, v-neck tees, clean cut jeans (guys)

Fellas be RESPECTFUL! This is NOT the local titty bar! Arm & elbow grabbing, plus cat calls are heavily frowned about in our social circle. This NOT "Freaknic Comes To Bed-Stuy" homeboy. A simple "Hey, and how are you this evening?" will do just fine. Thanks.

Ladies be RESPECTFUL! This is NOT "the Maury show!" If you have "strange feeling" that your stalker-ish ex-beau, or a jealous baby father may be in attendance, either stay safely at home. Or notify security EARLY! So we know just who to throw out with you, LOL.

This is a BRAND NEW venue! Green lounge (1175 Bedford Ave.) is black-owned (!) and in mint condition. This event will be the BIGGEST they've hosted so far. And we would LOVE to return. So let's make this first one memorable! So basically what I'm trying to say is, NO stuffing the toilet w/napkins okay!
Click "Green Lounge" above to see pics of venue.

For folks that are attending from out of town (or even out of borough) here's a two cool hotels you may wanna shack up at in case
Saturday night turns out REALLY good for you (wink)...or you're simply too tired to drive back home too. Atlantic Inn (1768 Atlantic Avenue) is the closest. Small but clean rooms w/flat screen TVs, and cool rates (718) 771-7171, then further down Atlantic ave. is the NU Hotel. A bit more upscale rooms, bigger space, closer to the Brooklyn Bridge, rates are reasonable as well but not steep. (718) 852-8558

Strap hangers can take the the now .25 cent more A to Nostrand or C train to Franklin Ave. walk over one block to Bedford Ave. make a left pass Not Just Vintage (shout out to them) then down 3 blocks or so to Jefferson and BOOM! you'll see us on the right hand side of the block. Look for 1175 Bedford. Ave.

We going from 4pm-4am in the morn, so ya may wanna get a cab. Here's some #'s to a few. First there's Northside Limo and Car, which has the best looking wheels on the streets right now! From SUV's to clean cut town cars 718.387.2222, if you're into showing up in style. Then there's New Cypress Car, which is not too far from the venue. However you may need a translator to give the driver directions (just joking folks, I kid, I not) 718-398-7900.
Lastly, just come in good spirits. We've NEVER had any altercations at ANY events we're thrown, so let's stay that way. We lost one good man last week, let's not lose more. Enjoy the holiday even if it's not with us, thanks again for you loving support. History in the making!

Rice & Peace!


Attendees who RSVP by TODAY, July 2nd Will be placed on the
- All Access List. All Access Wristbands must be picked up IN PERSON at the venue between the hours of 4pm & 6pm the day of the event (Sat.). If you DON'T pick up your wristband by 6PM your RSVP will be VOID and you will have to pay the door price. Rsvp to

General Admission
(all exits are final, you WILL be charged for re-entry)
$5 4pm to 8pm w/out rsvp
$10 8pm to 12am
Butch Diva presents "Ms. Independence" fashion show starts at 8pm SHARP!

*** After 12am Admission price is at the Door Man's discretion (wink!)


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