Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Back On The Block!" -Two Rock The Block BK Featured Guests

Just when the bill couldn't get no hotter it does! Wait...Don't TELL me you still haven't cop your VIP ALL DAY pass tix yet! You do know not only are they going fast, they're now at a lower on-line only price of $20! Yep,this is to gain entry to EVERYTHING that day! The concert, the market place, the spoken word lounge, AND the "B.I.G. Pimpin' " Biggie & Jay-Z tribute party! So do not procrastinate till the very LAST min and miss out on this great price and have to pay MORE at the door the day of. That's nonsense! The party is worth $20 alone! Also if you attend any of these 3 upcoming events "Word..." after work on Tues. "Beta Banger" on Fri. night, or "Ahfficial 1st Saturday After Party" on Sat. you can purchase on the spot 2 for $30 bucks! So I have forewarned you now go PARTY! Thank you.

RocktheBlockBK.com for more info & ticket purchases

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